Michael Crawford

  • Associate Principal
  • Senior Architect

Michael Crawford received his Bachelor of Design from the University of Florida and Master of Architecture from Princeton University. He is passionate about the community-building aspects of good design and brings a dynamic, empathetic approach that ensures our projects are measured first by the success of their clients. Having practiced with both architects and urban designers in New York City before relocating to his hometown, his experience working at scales from objects and spaces to buildings and neighborhoods informs his broad understanding of the connection between people and the spaces they inhabit.

Michael continues to expand the scope of Caldwell’s design efforts to a broader, regional base where his love for cities, spaces, and places positively impacts the lives of a greater audience. His work includes the National Flight Academy, A.K. Suter Elementary School, Poarch Creek Child and Youth Development Center, and the nationally awarded restoration of the Command Headquarters of Pensacola Naval Air Station.

Known for his collection of vintage design books and a penchant for speaking in Russian, German, and French accents (though not simultaneously).