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Our team is seeking a recognized practitioner and licensed Architect who possesses strong design and technical abilities and manages the firm’s resources, teaches, and mentors staff, and effectively embodies and expresses the firm’s values and mission.

Caldwell’s mission is “community building through good design” which impacts the projects we pursue, the clients we work with, and the culture we promote here at our office. Caldwell Associates fosters a dynamic and collaborative work environment that is client-focused while offering flexibility to team members and support of their professional and personal growth. Most projects are supported by 2-3 staff members working closely together with additional help from others to meet deadlines as needed. A great deal of independence is given to teams to develop internal project goals, progress meetings, and distribution of work, and our all of our team members offer help to others based on their expertise. Our goal with each team member is to develop the great variety of skills necessary to be a good architect – including technical, managerial, and interpersonal – and not to limit each person’s growth to a siloed set of tasks. Our open office encourages interaction, dialogue, support, and understanding of the variety of projects we are working on at any given time, and we ensure that the obligations to our clients are matched with a variety of team-oriented social events, activities, and employee engagement pursuits.