H. Miller Caldwell, III

  • CEO
  • Principal in Charge

From an early age, Miller 3 saw and believed in the power of Architecture and its ability to transform the community and the human condition.  His passion for design excellence and the pursuit of disciplined thought has helped him shape Caldwell into its second generation.  The iterative process of exploration and research, design and rigor, creativity and transformation invigorates his vision to build a world case design firm that transforms the profession and how projects are delivered for Caldwell’s partners.

Through a culture of Teamwork and commitment to curiosity and collaboration, he believes, Caldwell can devise the best solutions to champion our partner’s aspirations and help drive their success through innovative design thinking and problem solving. He strives to create a culture of open collaboration, engagement, and transparency that grows value not only for Caldwell’s partners but the growth and evolution the individual of the profession.

He believes deeply in the power of hand drawing in the profession.  He and his wife and 4 children live in Gulf Breeze, FL and he spends his free time training, on the water, cooking, and making art, and playing music.